Chrome for Android is out for Ice Cream Sandwich Devices

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If you’ve been among those people waiting to see Chrome have a Android version, then the wait is over somewhat because Google Chrome for Android has been released in a Beta version, but it is only for Android device running Ice Cream Sandwich, which means less than 5% of Android users can make use of the program thus far, but I’m pretty sure that will change in the future, for more check out Chrome Beta for Android OS Ice Cream Sandwich.

Get Free Video Conferencing with MeetingBurner

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If your looking for a simple Video Conferencing solution, then you might want to try the service MeetingBurner out which offers its basic service for free, and doesn’t require a software install, which is one of the nicer things about the service, for more check out the service MeetingBurner.

Add a USB charger port to your Wall Outlet with RCA USB Wall Plate

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If you have a few different device you use that require a USB wire to charge it, then having a spare port on your Wall outlet might be a neat thing to have, and you can do this pretty simply by purchasing a RCA USB Wall Plate.

KeyRemap4MacBook will Remap your Mac OS Keyboard

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If you are looking for a free program that can remap your Mac OSes keyboard, then you might want to give the program KeyRemap4MacBook a try, because it might just suit your keyboard remapping needs, for more check out KeyRemap4MacBook.

Quick Access to your Inbox from Mail on your iPad

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If you find it a bit annoying to have to find a way to get back to your inbox when a email is sent to your iPad then perhaps its time you swipe to the right while the device is in portrait mode, which will take you right to your inbox, this is assuming you have a mail on your iPad’s screen, for more check out this article HERE.

Gain Quick Access to Most Used Folders on your Mac Desktop with TopHat Folder Menu

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If you need to access certain folder on your Mac Desktop, it might be annoying to always have to navigate to the folder your looking for, and perhaps it would be useful if you had a listing of your most open folders, and now you can add this type of menu to your Mac Desktop with the program TopHat Folder Menu.

Use your Smartphone as a Controller for Flash Based Games with WunderPlayer

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If you want to play some flash games on your computer, you might not find it the best way to play the games, the games would probably benefit from a different means on control, and you can now use your Android or iOS device as a controller for your Flash Based Games, for more check out WunderPlayer.

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