Browse Your Android Devices files Wireless with Software Data Cable

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Perhaps you don’t have your Data Cable with you when you want to transfer some files to and from your Android device, and you shouldn’t let the lack of a Data cable stop you, all you have to do is fire up the program Software Data Cable and browse your phones files from your desktops web browser, for more check out Software Data Cable for Android.

Google Has a Home Entertainment System in the Works

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If you thought Google TV was the end of the line in terms of how far Google is trying to get into your house, then you’ll probably shocked to know that Google has a Home Entertainment system in the works, which will offer Streaming and smartphone integration among other things when it debuts it home entertainment  product, for now you can check out the Wall street article regarding this product HERE.

Find out when iOS apps access your Contacts with ContactPrivacy for Jailbroken Devices

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When it comes to apps getting access to your iOS contacts you might want to carefully consider which apps can access this information, if you even want any app to do this, and this can sometimes be tricky, but if your on a Jailbroken iOS device, this became a little bit easier with the program ContactPrivacy which can be found in the Big Boss Repository.

Microsoft OneNote for Android Finally Here

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If you have been a user of Microsoft’s OneNote program, and have been wondering when a mobile version of the program would pop up for your Android device, as it already exist for the iOS platform, you’ll be pleased to know that you can now grab a copy of OneNote Mobile for Android.

Have Gmail Handle MailTo in Google Chrome

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It may be annoying to have a list of options come up when you click on an email address, worse yet if a program like Outlook is set to launch, perhaps all you wanted is to have those emails dealt with by the likes of Gmail, well you can perform a little tweak to Google Chrome to achieve this, so that whenever you click on an Email address, Chrome will automatically fire up a new tab with Gmail, check out this article with the details for this process HERE.

Get a Wake up call using the service WakeupDailer

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If you need to wake up on a specific day, and you rather get a phone call to wake you up, perhaps your just designed to wake up to a ringtone, then you might want to try the service WakeupDailer to give you that Wake up call, right now the service is limited to the United States or Canada.

Gain Access to Location restricted Market apps using Market Unlocker for Android

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Although Android markets are not as tightly locked down like other Mobile Market places, you still are restricted in regards to location of your mobile network and the apps you have access to in the market based on your location, but you can free yourself of this burden, using the Android program Market Unlocker, do note you have to be Rooted in order to make use of the program.

Walk and Text without Crashing on your Android with Transparent Screen

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When your walking down the road and your getting your Text message on, you may end up hurting yourself or someone else because of the fact your vision is probably focused on your smartphone, but if your have an Android device and a camera on it (Rear facing camera is suspect), you can see whats in front of you while you text with the Android program Transparent Screen.

KeyTweak is a Free Key Remapper for Windows

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If you ever wanted to customize the keys on your keyboard, then your looking to Remap the function of the keys on your keyboard, and for Windows desktops, this is a pretty easy task using the free program KeyTweak.

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