xType is a Text Expansion tool for Mac OS

tcsh and sh shell windows on a Mac OS X desktop..

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If your looking for a free Text expansion tool for your Mac OS Desktop then you might want to try out the free program xType.

Create a Folder for a Group of Highlighted files in Windows with Files 2 Folder

Folder thumbnail preview

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If you do a fair amount of file management in windows explorer then you’ll probably want a few options that aren’t there out of the box, perhaps the ability to create a folder for a group of files, and you can do this fairly easily using the Windows Utility Files 2 Folder.

2SendTab allows you to share Tabs between your Desktop Browser and Android Device

Firefox Sync

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When it comes to sending a tab from your desktop browser to your Android browser you might not have that many options, especially with Mozilla Firefox Sync feature broken, but if you want to still have this ability and not be limited by device or browser then you might want to consider the Android app, 2SendTab.

Rotate your Windows Background image with John’s Background Switcher

Windows 7 build 7600

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If you find having one background very boring and which that you could have it rotate from a predefined set of images, then you might be in luck because you can get this type of functionality from a Windows program called John’s Background Switcher.

Cut down on Microsoft Word Clutter with a few Tweaks

Microsoft Word 2010, New Navigation Menu

Microsoft Word 2010, New Navigation Menu (Photo credit: IvanWalsh.com)

If you find that Microsoft Word is just too much with the ribbon and other icons that are floating above your document, then you can tweak Word to look a little be more friendly by check out this article that talks about how to do this for Mac OS Desktops, but this will also work for Windows users, for more check out this article HERE.

Search Rdio, Spotify, Grooveshark with Music Smasher

The main Grooveshark Logo

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English: Spotify availability Español: Disponi...

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If your looking for a track and don’t want to search easy music streaming service for the track, and which you could search them all or almost all in one search, you can now using the service Music Smasher.

Open Multiple Windows Media Player Windows

Windows Media Player 11 running in mini mode i...

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It may not have dawned on you that you can only have one Windows Media Player window open at a time, which for most people is good enough, but perhaps for others, might be a big problem for whatever reasons, and perhaps your looking for a way around this restrictions, and you can now fire up as many windows as you need of the program using this piece of software HERE.

Get to know Multibeast with a Video Guide

OSx86 Desktop

OSx86 Desktop (Photo credit: scottkellum)

If your about to build your own Hackintosh machine then you’ll probably need to know a thing or two about the post install process which involves the tool Multibeast, but you don’t know jack about this, so check out this video which gives you a pretty good starting point for using the Multibest program, check out the video HERE.

Turn off Startup Sounds on your Mac OS X Lion Desktop

If you don’t care for the start up sound made when your Mac OS X Lion desktop finally loads up, then you can remove that silly sound with the program StartNinja for Mac OS X Lion.

English: The icon of Mac OS X Lion

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