Carry on your Chat outside Gmail with Official Chat Extension by Google

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If you hate the fact that you have to us the IM or video features offered when you log into Gmail from your browser, your life may got a bit sweeter with the release of a Chat Extension for Google Chrome, for more check out Google’s Official Chat Extension HERE.

Removing your Google History before March 1 Policy Change

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If you don’t know, Google will be changing its privacy policy regarding the data it stores and collects about your in the past and in the future starting march 1, but if you would like to clear your history with Google now so your have a clear slate for when March 1 rolls around, then check out this article by the EFF regarding how to clear your Google History HERE.

Keep in touch with Mingly


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It can be hard to keep up with all your friends and coworkers at times but with the assistance of a social network or two and a web app like Mingly staying in contact with people just got a bit easier for more check out Mingly.

Send Files from your Mac OS Desktop to your iPhone VIA iMessages

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If you find yourself wanting or needing to send files from your Mac OS desktop to your iPhone and wondered if there was an idea way, well there is, just fire up iMessages and send those files away, regards of file type, for more check out this article HERE.

Get a better idea of your Androids Battery with ChargeBar

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If you find that the Battery icon on your Android device doesn’t really tell you how much juice your device still has, then perhaps you might want to check out the free program ChargeBar which might give you a little better idea of how much life your battery has left in it this charge, for more check out ChargeBar for Android.

Dropbox Automator Makes managing your Dropbox account a breeze

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Wouldn’t it be nice if your Dropbox account knew to post your uploaded pics to a photo sharing service you use, or post documents you upload to Google Docs, or a number of other useful little things that you usually have to do manually to manage your Dropbox account, well you can save yourself a few moments of file management using the service Dropbox Automator.

Sync multiple iTunes libraries to your device using MultiTunes Syncs

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If your trying to sync your iPhone or iOS device to multiple iTunes libraries you might find that this is a almost impossible task to achieve, but if you have a Jailbroken iOS device, then your in luck, check out the program MultiTunes which will do away with the silly limitation of syncing to a Single library, for more check out MultiTunes for your Jailbroken iOS device.

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