Get Movie Times on Your iOS Device with Flixster

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If your looking for a Free program for your iOS device to look up Movie times when a new Flix comes out then you need no look further than the iOS program Flixster.

Voice Control Added to Dolphin Browser for Android

Dolphin Browser

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If you use Dolphin Browser for Android or was looking for a Browser alternative on your Android device, then you might want to check out Dolphin Browser because today’s update of the program provides Voice Control, making the free program even more useful for more check out Dolphin Browser for Android.


Grab a Copy of Windows 8 Consumer Preview

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If your an IT person or just a Power user that likes to be on the Bleeding Edge of technology, then today is a day to note, because of the Release of Windows 8 Consumer Preview which will give you a very good idea of how Windows 8 will work, for more check out this link to grab your copy of the Preview HERE.


Find out Who’s Tracking your on the Web with Collusion Addon for Firefox

Mozilla Firefox Logo

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If your interested in actually seeing in Real Time who is following your movements on the web, and you use the Mozilla Firefox web browser then you might want to give the Addon Collusion a try which will show you in Real Time who’s following you on the web, for more check out Collusion for Mozilla Firefox.

You can now Open your Gmail Links in Chrome

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In the past for security reasons you weren’t allowed to open up Gmail links within Google Chrome, which makes sense because a good portion of attacks happen VIA email, but now Google Chrome will allow you to open a link from your Gmail account in Google Chrome, for more on this change check out the official Google Blog Post HERE.

HTTPS Everywhere now has Chrome Extensions as well as Firefox

עברית: לוגו של התוסף HTTPS Everywhere לפיירפוקס

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If you are going to pass information over the web you want to do it securely, and one of the ways to achieve this is to use HTTPS versions of pages instead of the insecure HTTP protocol, and to that end, you might forget from time to time to go to the correct version of the site your trying to access, but you can take the remembering part out using the Firefox and now Chrome extension HTTPS Everywhere.

Find out if its worth your time in Grad School with this Calculator

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When your faced with the option of going to Grad School, you might be wondering what is the cost of me going, versus not going, and can i get to the same place without going there, well if you just want to figure out the numbers, you might want to use this calculator to figure your Grad School choice, HERE.

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