Windows 8 Shortcuts Keys

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When you use an operating system, its not always easy to have to click and do this and that to accomplish the same type of actions that could be done by a keystroke or a hotkey, and to that end, you might want to become a bit familiar with Windows 8 Shortcuts Keys, check out a pretty good listing of them on this PC World article HERE.

Share files with a Group and Collaborate with Dropmark


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When your looking to create presentations and share them with a group without a lot of hassle or overhead then you might want to take a look at the service Dropmark which will create presentations from your web content, and share files among a group, which might be beneficial to business users that work on group projects, for more check out the service Dropmark.

Look Up Movie Showtimes on your Android with Fandango

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When your on the go and your Android is your only ally while your mobile, then you might want to grab the app Fandango which will give you Movie Showtimes among other things, for more check out Fandango for Android.

Compare Mortgage Loans with Credit Sesame’s Calculator

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If your in the market for a New Mortgage loan and want to compare loans, you might find it a bit hard to do, unless your into real estate business, but you might want to try out this interactive tool called Credit Sesame that will do the comparing for your, for more check out the Credit Sesame service.

Read a Website Later with WebOffline for your Jailbroken iOS device

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If your looking for a solution for looking at websites while your offline on your Jailbroken iOS device, then you might want to take a look at the program WebOffline which will allow you to do just that, download a website for viewing offline, for more check out WebOffline for Jailbroken iOS devices.

Get Readability App for your iOS Device

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If you like the service Readability which offers text only, then you’ll be pleased to see that they have just released an App for your iOS device so you can now enjoy the service on your iPhone or iPad as well, for more check out Readability for iOS.

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