Have your Google Chrome Extensions become Site Dependent with Extension Automation

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Perhaps you have thought it would be cool if you could have your extension turn on and off based on the site your currently browsing, and you can achieve this with your Google Chrome browser by using the extension “Extension Automation” for Google Chrome.

Read later for Mac OS Desktop gives you RSS Style feed

Mac OS 8.1 desktop

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When it comes to having a service like Instapaper or Read it later store articles for later reading, then you might need a desktop client to pull the articles from those services so that you can read them at your own desire on your Mac OS Desktop, and you can do this with the free program Read Later for Mac OS.

Have your Music Start Playing again when your Headphones get plugged in with Plugication for Jailbroken iOS devices

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When you remove the headphones jack from your iOS device, the music will stop playing, but what if your device automatically started the music again once you plugged the headphones back in, well you can get this type of functionality if you have a Jailbroken iOS device using the app Plugication.

Filmaster Suggest movies You’ll Like for Android and iOS Devices

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When it comes to a app to get movies and their showtimes on your phone, they are a dime a dozen, but if your looking for an app that will show you movies you probably will like to see based on your tastes and preferences, then you might want to check out the app Filmaster for Android and iOS.

Get ICS Camera App for any Android Device

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If your looking for a better Camera app for your Android device, then you might want to grab a copy of the Camera App for ICS, which you can install on almost Any Android device regardless of the version of Android your running, the new app has tons of features and changes from the previous stock version of the camera app, so make sure you check out ICS Camera App for Android.

How to Add “My Computer” to your Windows 8 Metro Interface

If your now trying out the new Windows 8 desktop, which is now the Metro Interface by default, one of the items you might be missing is the good old My Computer icon link, which you used to fire up to gain access to your various system drives, well you can return My Computer to your Metro Interface by check out this article with the details, HERE.

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Find Video Tutorials of Popular Web Services on Grovo

Etech Tutorial - Web Services Mash-Up

When it comes to finding out how to use popular Web services out there, you can always look up on Google or YouTube, but it might be nice if all of these types of instructional videos on popular web services were in one location, and you can have that using the service Grovo, which is free with the catch of linking your account to your facebook account, or a paid version of the service, either way you may find the service useful, for more check out Grovo.

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