Get HD YouTube Videos on your Android with Modded YouTube Apk

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When it comes to using YouTube on your Android device, you might get upset that you can’t see HD quality video over a 3G network, and on some devices you can see an HD video period, but you can overcome this annoying barrier with a modded version of the YouTube app for your respective version of Android OS, for more check out this link with the details HERE.

Check out the Beta version of the next Version of Ubuntu Linux 12.04

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If your a fan of the Ubuntu line of Linux distros then you’ll be pleased to note that a new Beta version of Ubuntu Linux 12.04 has been released to the general public so that you can get a feel as to whats coming up in April when the OS is officially released, for more check out Ubuntu Linux 12.04 Beta.

Get Tofu turns your To-Do list into a collaborative effort, To-Do list for iOS

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There are tons of iOS apps that will allow you to create a To-Do list and they have all types of cool functions to get you to be more productive, but the really cool thing about the iOS app Get Tofu is that is will also allow you to turn your To-Do list items into a mission that you can collaborate with others on, which can be pretty useful at times, for more check out the iOS app Get Tofu.

Autocorrect Misspelled words in Mac OS X with Keyboard Shortcut

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Having to actually right click and select to auto correct a misspelled word at times can be more of a hassle than its worth but you can solve this issue by using a keyboard shortcut on your Mac OS X desktop, for more on what this shortcut is and how you can use it check out this article HERE.

Get a Tons of Apps in one with AppGarden for Android Devices

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Wouldn’t it be nice to have a Android app that had a ton of commonly used tools all rolled up into one, well that’s what you’ll be getting if you try out AppGarden for Android, which will give you a ton of useful apps all rolled up in one, for more check out AppGarden for Android.

Sync Multiple Windows Desktops with Dropbox Service

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If you have been trying to sync your Windows Desktops in various locations, one of the ways you can do it is by employing the service Dropbox, but you may lack the details on how this is done, and for that make sure you check out this article HERE.

Get Free Legal documents from Docracy

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It is really crazy that you have to sometimes pay for legal documents or forms when in reality you should probably get them for free once your a citizen or legally in the country, but usually you’ll have to folk out a few bucks for a document, but you may be able to save a couple of dollars using the service Docracy.

Get to know the neighbors using the webapp Nextdoor


It can be hard to get to know the neighbors around you, but there are times when it would be useful if you could communicate with them about a common interest, or perhaps to ask them something, and one way to open the lines of communication up is to use the webapp Nextdoor, which if your tech savvy neighbor is also using can be a means to get to know one another, for more check out Nextdoor.


Replace Androids Share menu with Andmade share

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When it comes to sharing content on your Android device using the share menu option, you probably find it useful sometimes, other times you wish it probably had more to it, and now you can get a more powerful version of the share menu using the Android app Andmade Share.

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