iPad 3 Details released, Looks pretty good

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Asides from the fact that we all knew this was going to be released this year along with an iPhone 5 at some point, you’ll find that this new Generation of the iPad is sporting a Dual Core Processor AX5, also it will have improved graphics among other things, for more information on the iPad 3 check out this link HERE.

Add a USB Drive to your Swiss Army Knife?

Wenger Swiss Army knife, opened.

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In this age of digital everything it would seem that the Swiss Army Knife is missing a tech blade, but you can add that tech blade yourself if your willing to take on a project and check out this article that talks about adding a USB drive to your Swiss Army Knife, for more check out this article with the details HERE.

Navigate between Mac OS X System Preferences with a simple Trick

The standard user interface of Mac OS X

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When your trying to find various System Preferences on your Mac OS X desktop you sometimes might not find it that easy to browses through but you can now get around a bit faster within the system preferences by checking out this article with a cool trick you can use HERE.

Siine is an Alternative Keyboard for your Android Device

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Sometimes the Stock keyboard that comes with your Android device just isn’t up to par, and you would like to replace it with a keyboard that had more features, or made things a bit simpler, and it may take you some time to find that keyboard, but you might want to try out Siine keyboard for your Android device.

Playback Music on your Android device with n7player

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Image via CrunchBase

If you in the market for a Music player for your Android device that has a slick interface, and has the features that any basic music applications should have, then you might want to give a look at the free Music player for Android called n7player.

Pause Web videos and come back to them with Pause for Later Google Chrome Extension

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Image via CrunchBase

Sometimes you don’t have the time to watch an entire YouTube video or other video on a web site but you don’t want to have to start from the beginning or find where you were, but what if your browser could remember where you are, and when you load the site up your video is at where you left it, well you can get this type of functionality with the Google Chrome extension Pause for Later.

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