Tuck those Menu Bar Apps away on Your Mac OS Desktop using Broomstick


Aqua (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You may have gotten to a point on your Mac OS Desktop where the Menu bar is overridden by a bunch of programs that your not really interested in having there and want a way to clean things up a bit, well you might want to grab a copy of Broomstick which will help you restore some of your Menu bar real estate, for more check out Broomstick for Mac OS.

Find People to work on a Project with you using CollabFinder Service

CollabFinder | The Place To Find Designer & De...

CollabFinder | The Place To Find Designer & Developer Collaborators. (Photo credit: imjustcreative)

Sometimes you may be in the market to find some folks to help you work on a project you might be attempting to start, but you might not know how to go about finding the people you need, well you can make this task a bit easier by using the service CollabFinder to find those people you need on your next project, for more check out CollabFinder.

Take Control of your Gmail accont using ToutApp

Image representing Gmail as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

If your looking for a way to organize your Gmail Contacts and to find out when a email is received then you might want to check out the Firefox or Chrome extension ToutApp which will do these things for you, for more check out ToutApp for Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

Get Money/Energy Savings Suggestions From Verde for iPad Free Now Until April 22, Earth Day!

The iPad on a table in the Apple case

The iPad on a table in the Apple case (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We can all save money here and there, and saving Energy is environmentally friendly as well as a money saver, and you’ll find tons of tips on how to do just this using the Verde app for your iPad, and From now until April 22, 2012 in line with celebrating Earth Day, you can grab a copy of the app for free, for more check  Verde for the iPad.

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