Ditch the Android Facebook App for Fast Facebook for Android

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The Facebook app for Android although it is a recommended app for your Android device, you might not get the best experience on Facebook using it, for starts the app tends to be very slow, loading items at a slow rate even on high end devices, leading many to feel the app is just poorly designed, and to that end you might be seeking an alternative, and you might want to check out Fast Facebook for Android.

Writing An Email so you get a Reply


Email-reply-screenshot-v2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Depending on how you write your Emails, will to some degree dictate if you get a responses, and how fast you’ll get a reply, but you may be wondering how do you construct your email so that you achieve this, well you might want to check out this article that gives some tips on how to do this HERE.

Add another Default Search Engine to your iOS Safari Browser

Apple Safari icon

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When you are using an iOS device to do a search in Safari, you might feel limited by the default search engine and perhaps you wish you could add you own default search engine to Safari, well you can, check out this article that goes over the details of the process HERE.

Get some Extra Data about your Gmail Account Using Gmail Meter

Gmail logo

Gmail logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When it comes to checking the statistics of your Gmail account, you might be a bit lost as to how you might go about doing this, well you might want to check out the  Gmail Meter for the 411 on your Gmail account, for more check out Gmail Meter.

Read Your Articles In Google Reader with Google Chrome Extension Google Reader Inline

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When your using Google Reader, and you click on an article usually a new tab will open with the article in it, but perhaps your looking to view that article right from your Google Reader tab, while on Google Chrome you can achieve this by using the Extension Google Chrome Inline.

Clean up your Gmail account by Viewing Your Emails by Size

Inbox Zero performed on adria.richards@gmail.com

Inbox Zero performed on adria.richards@gmail.com (Photo credit: adria.richards)

One way to clean out your Gmail Inbox would be to potentially find all of your emails that are over lets say 500k and make those candidates for deletion, but this might not be as simple as it seems, like how to you view your emails based on the size of the emails, well you should check out this article that has the details you’ll need to do just that an perhaps clean out your Gmail Inbox, for more check this article HERE.

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