Add Cloud Storage Options to Right Click Menu in Windows 7

Windows Live SkyDrive Logo

Windows Live SkyDrive Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Windows Explorer in Windows Vista

Windows Explorer in Windows Vista (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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If you use Cloud Storage as your preferred method of storing your files, then it might be nice if you could send files from Windows Explorer directly to the file storage service of your choice by right clicking on the file and select from the ensuing menus to send to file to lets say your Dropbox account or perhaps your Google Drive account, well you can hack Windows 7 to add this type of functionality to your system, check out this article with the details HERE.

Change up how you get things done by using KanBanFlow To-Do List Service

Time Management

Time Management (Photo credit: Intersection Consulting)

There are many different techniques to being productive and getting things done, and one of those methods is called Pomodoro, and if your looking for a To-Do list that uses this technique then you might want to check out the service KanbanFlow.

Google Rewards Those that Paid for Storage Prior to Google Drive Launch

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If you were one of the people that paid for extra space on your Gmail account or Google Docs, then you’ll be very happy to note, that if you start to use Google Drive, you’ll start out with 25GB of space instead of the standard 5GB of space all of the non-paid users start out with which is not a bad reward for paying Google HD space, for more check out this article talking about this issue HERE.

Regulate Your Home Heating with Google Calendar Reminders?

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It might sound far out, but what if you could manage your homes heating using Google Calendar Reminders as the switch so to speak, setting the heat at whatever you desire for that period of time, and have it all controlled over the internet, which might sound awesome to some, for more on how you would go about do this, check out this article HERE.

Ubuntu Linux 12.04 Precise Pangolin Released

Azərbaycan: Ubuntu-nun rəsmi loqosu. Deutsch: ...

Azərbaycan: Ubuntu-nun rəsmi loqosu. Deutsch: das offizielle Ubuntu-Logo mit Schriftzug English: Official Ubuntu circle with wordmark. Replace File:Former Ubuntu logo.svg. Español: logo de Ubuntu + marca denominativa Français : Logo officiel d'Ubuntu. Remplace File:Former Ubuntu logo.svg. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You might want to check out the newest versions of Ubuntu Linux which is 12.04 named “Precise Pangolin” which sports a few new features, support for Clickpads has improved, an Improved Unity Interface, and a change in Default music player, for more check out Ubuntu Linux 12.04 Precise Pangolin.

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