Gmail Offers Automatic Translation Of Emails

Gmail logo

Gmail logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Probably a feature that was a bit over due, Google has finally added Translation support to Gmail, so when you get those emails written in a language you aren’t fluent in, you can still get what the message is saying, for more on this change, check out Google’s official blog post HERE.

Gain Access to your Cloud Services & Social Networks with Jolicloud for iOS

Jolicloud Desktop on Joli OS 1.2

Jolicloud Desktop on Joli OS 1.2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When your looking for a single solution to manage your cloud storage and your various social networks, on your iOS device, then you might want to give the program Jolicloud a try which can place all of these things in one place, for more check out Jolicloud for iOS.

Rid Your Twitter Feed of Celebrity Tweets

Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

Twitter is probably more popular for following your favorite celebrities or personalities, but for some twitter is more of an information gathering network, perhaps you use it for communication among a select group of friends you have on the network, whatever the case, perhaps you are part of the minority that uses twitter for following more than celebrities and to that end, maybe you want to banish them from your feed altogether, well you can do this in Google Chrome by employing the extension Purge Twitter Trends.

Bring Order to your Mac Menubar with Bartender, Free While in Beta

The first version of the Aqua GUI, from Mac OS...

The first version of the Aqua GUI, from Mac OS X Public Beta. It differs vastly from the GUI of Mac OS 9 with glass elements and a Dock, among other things, although the Apple reverted to its traditional position on the left-hand side of the menu bar for the final release of OS X 10.0. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you have a lot going on in your Mac Desktop, then you might find your Menu bar overran by icons to programs that you really don’t need to be there, and if your looking for a simple solution to freeing up some space in you menu bar, then you might want to give the program Bartender for Mac OS a shot.

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