Secure your Wallet using LastPass Wallet for iOS

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If you happen to have a iOS device and your trying to leave your wallet at home, but don’t want to risk a privacy breach by putting all your important ID’s, credit cards on your iOS device, then you should consider using LastPass Wallet for iOS that will allow you to keep your information without having to worry, for more check out LastPass Wallet for iOS.

Firefox has a Reset feature for Troubleshooting, without losing Data

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When it comes to pushing the limits on features, Mozilla Firefox has always been on the bleeding edge, and now they have introduced a Reset feature which is suppose to be used for troubleshooting purposes, but will allow you to rest assured that your Data is safe, for more on how this Reset feature works, check out this Official Blog Post HERE.

How to Unhide your Library Folder in OS X


AppleScript (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Perhaps you have wondered in the near past if it would be possible to bring the Library Folder out of hiding on your OS X desktop, and you can do this, the article talks about how you can do this using apple script, for more check out this article HERE.

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