Google Maps now Accounts for Current Traffic Conditions

Wordmark of Google Maps

Wordmark of Google Maps (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When you plan a trip using Google Maps, the trip duration information provided in the past tend to be inaccurate because Google Maps never tried to factor in current traffic conditions that would effect your trips eta, but now Google Maps does factor this into is eta, for more check out this official Google Maps Blog post HERE.


Get a Quota on a New Car price with TrueCar

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If your in the market to purchase a new car and want to know the ideal price you should be paying for the car then you might want to consult the service TrueCar which will give you a price that you should be paying for the car so you don’t get beat, for more check out the service TrueCar.

Find Deals on Cars in the $500 – $3000 Range with BeaterReview

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When it comes to buying a used car, you have to be pretty careful, you never know what you might get, you might get a gem or you might get a nightmare, but if you need to some help determining if your dealing with something worth the money, check out BeaterReview.

Get A Little help with your Car from CarCareKiosk

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When it comes to doing some basic car maintenance, you may feel this is something best suited to a professional but you may be able to do a few things yourself by check out CarCareKiosk that has tons of videos that are car specific to give you an idea on how to tackle small issues with your car, for more check out the service CarCareKiosk.

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