Use the People You Know to Find a Job using WorkFu

Employment Exhibition

Employment Exhibition (Photo credit: Modern_Language_Center)

When it comes to finding a New Job, chances are your probably going to land a job not because of what you know but based on who you know, and to that end you might need some assistance pooling together the untapped asset being your friends, into a job opportunity, and to achieve this you might want to enlist the service WorkFu.

Make documents look professional by Switching the Mode there in

Resume: Japanese and English

Resume: Japanese and English (Photo credit: Ryan Hageman)

If your trying to share an official document, perhaps like your Resume, the format you use to distribute the file will reflect the feel of the file before the person your sending it to even reads the contents, and to get a professional effect, you may try saving your documents in a Protected Mode, which means the document can’t be edited, which gives a more professional feel to it, for more on why this is, check out this article HERE.

Unify your Calendar, To-Do list and Contacts Across Systems using Fruux

Image representing fruux as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

If you use multiple systems, like a Windows system at work, a Mac at home, a Android on the go, then you might find it hard to find one single solution that will allow you to access your Calendar, To-Do List and contacts across all of the different systems you might use at any given time, but you can get such a solution using the free service Fruux.

Keep track of Jobs your Looking for with Huntsy

Tt jobs

Tt jobs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When it comes to finding a job, you can use as much help as you can get, and a great tool to use is Huntsy, which will keep an eye out for a job your looking for, and also make the applications process as simple as possible so that you can get more done in less time, for more check out the service Huntsy.

Co-Meeting Picks up where Google Wave Left Off

Česky: Ikona pro sociální síť. Je součástí bal...

Česky: Ikona pro sociální síť. Je součástí balíku webových ikon Open Icon Library. English: This is an icon for social networking website. This is part of Open Icon Library's webpage icon package. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many people were sadden by the closing of Google Wave, which was suppose to be the next generation of Email, but ended up being more confusing than it was usable to the average users, but if the concept of Google Wave still is of interest to you then you might want to check out the new service Co-Meeting which attempts to pickup where Google Wave left off, even allowing you to import your Waves to the new service, for more check out Co-Meeting.

Looking for a Job, Car, or Local Classifieds try the Service FindTheBest

Image representing FindTheBest as depicted in ...

Image via CrunchBase

When it comes to looking for the best deal and looking in all possible places, you might think a Google Product search or a Craiglist’s classified is the beginning and ending of your search but you would be wrong, you might want to try out the service FindTheBest next time your looking for something.

Create Your Own Personal Nameplate with Sidengo

Nameplate DBCult Film Institute

Nameplate DBCult Film Institute (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When it comes to creating a site about yourself, or a site that is used to promote yourself, you might not really know what to do, well you can take all the hard work out of this process by checking out the service Sidengo that’s currently in beta which will create the Nameplate for you, for more check out the service Sidengo.

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