Create Cinemagraphy on your iOS device using Flixel

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In the past perhaps you found it a mission to do some Cinemagraphy on your iOS device, but now you may find it a bit more manageable using the program Flixel for iOS.

Pause Web videos and come back to them with Pause for Later Google Chrome Extension

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Sometimes you don’t have the time to watch an entire YouTube video or other video on a web site but you don’t want to have to start from the beginning or find where you were, but what if your browser could remember where you are, and when you load the site up your video is at where you left it, well you can get this type of functionality with the Google Chrome extension Pause for Later.

Filmaster Suggest movies You’ll Like for Android and iOS Devices

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When it comes to a app to get movies and their showtimes on your phone, they are a dime a dozen, but if your looking for an app that will show you movies you probably will like to see based on your tastes and preferences, then you might want to check out the app Filmaster for Android and iOS.

Look Up Movie Showtimes on your Android with Fandango

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When your on the go and your Android is your only ally while your mobile, then you might want to grab the app Fandango which will give you Movie Showtimes among other things, for more check out Fandango for Android.

Get Movie Times on Your iOS Device with Flixster

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If your looking for a Free program for your iOS device to look up Movie times when a new Flix comes out then you need no look further than the iOS program Flixster.

Stop YouTube from Keeping History of Videos You’ve Watched

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If you don’t like the idea of YouTube keeping a record of the YouTube videos you have watched, of course that is supposed to be for legit purposes like knowing which videos to suggests to you, you may want to clear out your history with YouTube and stop them from tracking which videos you view, and for the details on how to do this check out this Ghacks article HERE.

Open Multiple Windows Media Player Windows

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It may not have dawned on you that you can only have one Windows Media Player window open at a time, which for most people is good enough, but perhaps for others, might be a big problem for whatever reasons, and perhaps your looking for a way around this restrictions, and you can now fire up as many windows as you need of the program using this piece of software HERE.

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