SMS conversations more honest perhaps than an Actually conversation

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Although you might have thought that it would be easier to lie over a Text message or SMS, you would be wrong, actually people are more likely to be honest when they are texting, which might not sound right, after all you figure that a conversation in person would probably reveal more of the truth than an impersonal text message. Check out this study that supports this notion HERE.

Writing An Email so you get a Reply


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Depending on how you write your Emails, will to some degree dictate if you get a responses, and how fast you’ll get a reply, but you may be wondering how do you construct your email so that you achieve this, well you might want to check out this article that gives some tips on how to do this HERE.

Get Help with your Decisions with this Excel Spreadsheet

A basic estimating spreadsheet.

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If you find at times that you would like a tool to help you make major decisions, then you might want to check out this article that has an excel sheet you can use to determine the best course of action when faced with a tough decision, for more check out this article HERE.

The Way People Tend To Deal with Email

email logoEmail has been around a solid 15 years now, and it has become part of our day to day life in terms of another medium that we are connected to others with, but you probably don’t understand the science behind how you deal with them, for more on how the average person deals with email, check out this article regarding the Science of Email.

Get Things Done by following the Done Manifesto

When you have things to do, it often gets backlogged till you really have to get them done, or deadlines rule you life, but maybe you need to take a different approach to getting things done and perhaps you might want to check out the Done Manifesto, which has some good ideas on how to get things done regardless of the task, for more check out the Done Manifesto.

Test Your New Years Resolution Now to See If You Can Do It

We All try to set some great goals for the New Years in the form of a Resolution, but in order to really see if you’ll make a change in your life, perhaps you should try your resolution a few weeks before the deadline arrives, that is if your serious about your resolution, for more on why this might work for you, check out this article HERE.

Sometimes it’s better to make a Phone Call instead of Emailing

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When you need to explain something to someone that you have tried to before in an email, you might be best served by making a phone call and have a conversation to get your point across as opposed to sending another email, for more on why this works check out this article HERE.

Lifestyle changes that can Extend your Life

Health is wealth

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Everyone want’s to extend there relatively short stay in this world, and to that end perhaps there are some lifestyle changes you need to make to ensure your long healthy life, and to that end you might want to check out this article that has a few tips HERE.

Using the Stockdale Paradox in Life

Perhaps you are not aware what the Stockdale Paradox is but you should because it may be able to get your life in focus or at the very least help you deal with situation where things don’t look that great, for more on what the Stockdale Paradox is and how it can possibly work for you check out this article HERE.

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How To Become Content

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If you find yourself always wanting more even when you have achieve the goals or obtained the things you wanted, then you might have to rethink what really drives you, and perhaps learn how to be content with what you have, and to that end, check out this article that talks about how to make this change, HERE.

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