DeSopa Gets you Past DNS blocks If Sopa Passes

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Just like a previously mentions extension, you can use DeSopa for Mozilla Firefox to get past the DNS Blocks that would go in place if the Sopa Bill passes Congress, so for all of the folks on the web that rather a free web experience, then you might want to check out DeSopa for Mozilla Firefox.


Bittorent Downloads are Being Tracked by You Have Downloaded

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Bittorents usually are thought of a means of downloading without being directly tracked but that has changed with the service You Have Downloaded which has started to keep track of public tracker downloads, and can look up what you have been downloading, for more check out You Have Downloaded.

Bypass IP & DNS Blocks with The Pirate Bay Dancing Addon for Firefox

Some nations see it fit to censor the web you experience, usually by using IP & DNS blocks to try to have their populations shielded from content deemed illegal, but most of the time this is for some political or big business reason that has nothing to do with regular folks on the web, and you may want to experience the full web, and you can with the Firefox Addon The Pirate Bay Dancing.

How much Data does Siri use on your iPhone 4S?

iPhone OnIf you don’t have an Unlimited Data plan, which most people with an Iphone 4S fall into this group, then you might want to know how much Data does Siri use, that way you can better gauge how to use the feature, if you use it at all, for more check out this article about Siri Data usage, HERE.

Deluge is a Bittorrent Client for Linux

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If your rocking a Linux desktop and wondering about a Bittorrent client to use for your Torrent needs then you might consider giving the program Deluge a try for Linux, check out Deluge.

Boot People off Wifi Networks with WiFiKill for Android

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If you find that too many rogue devices are on your Wifi network and you wanted a way to throw them out, then you might want to check out the android app WifiKill that can do that for you, check out WifiKill for Android.

Bluefile Hosts will block Sites for Windows

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If you find yourself getting caught up in a site or two that seems to consume your time and you like to block access to the site, or just like to block access to a site for security reasons on a windows system then you might want to check out Bluefile Hosts for Windows.

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