Get a Tiled RSS View In Google Chrome with FeedSquares

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A RSS feed can become overwhelming if you don’t find some way to manage it, or at least view it differently than one message after another, and to do this in Google Chrome, you can use the FeedSquare Extension on your Google Reader account to get your RSS feed displayed in a Tiled format, for more check out FeedSquare Google Chrome Extension.

Visual Hashing for Firefox & Chrome Help with Entering Your Password Correctly

Color Scheme 1.0If you get confused when typing in your passwords on websites because of the fact that the characters you type in are hidden after you type the next letter, you can use the addon Visual Hash to give you a visual cue as to weather your password is entered correctly, or if its wrong, it does this with a color scheme, for more checkout Visual Hashing for Mozilla Firefox or Visual Hashing for Google Chrome.

fPrivacy for Google Chrome is an Addon for Controlling FB Apps

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These days you hear much about Facebook based attacks, and to that end you might want to make sure the programs you use on or with Facebook aren’t in some way compromising you, and you might want to check out the Google Chrome extension fPrivacy.

Sheepish for Google Chrome Stops Websites from Tracking You

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You probably heard that Websites track your every move and click, and you have always dreamed of a way to stop websites you go to from tracking your movements, and now you can by using the Google Chrome extension Sheepish.

Growl Fork for Mac OS Lion

When you upgraded to Lion, perhaps one of the programs that lost some steam was your copy of Growl 1.2, but now you can use a patched version of the program called Growl Fork that will works with your Mac OS Lion, for more check out Growl Fork.

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Chromium OS Lime is the way to check out Chromium OS for the Masses

When it comes to running the new Chromium OS you might run into some issue regarding your hardware being supported by the OS, but because of the open source nature of the OS, there has been community development to support more hardware, and the fruits of this labor is found in Chromium OS Lime.

Bypass IP & DNS Blocks with The Pirate Bay Dancing Addon for Firefox

Some nations see it fit to censor the web you experience, usually by using IP & DNS blocks to try to have their populations shielded from content deemed illegal, but most of the time this is for some political or big business reason that has nothing to do with regular folks on the web, and you may want to experience the full web, and you can with the Firefox Addon The Pirate Bay Dancing.

Mac Launcher Quicksilver Updates to Support Lion

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In the past Quicksilver for Mac a Launcher program, has had issues with Mac Lion OS, resolve this issues with this update for Quicksilver, for more check out Quicksilver for Mac.

Make your Linux or Mac Command Prompt more Friendly


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If you have ever worked from the command prompt on a mac or a Linux machine then you might have found it not that pleasurable of an experience, you might try to spice it up a bit by trying to tweak in the article linked, HERE.

Wallflower Speeds up Firefox by blocking Social Sharing

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If you don’t really share a lot of the things you do online with your social network friends, then you can improve your browsing experience if you disabled those buttons turning up on pages that you visit, check out more about the WallFlower Firefox Extension.

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