Find your Dream Hotel with Simplehoney beta Service

World's tallest hotel

World’s tallest hotel (Photo credit: Danny McL)

For a limited time, the limit being when the service Simplehoney comes out of Beta, you can use this great service to find a hotel that you’ll love, the service attempts to only return results of hotels that have meet your requirements, for now the service is only for the San Franciso and Hawaii areas, but will expand, also note that when the service comes out of beta, it will be membership only and the cost being $100, for more check out Simplehoney.

Report Profiling by TSA with FlyRights Android/iOS app

self destroying sticker seal of the TSA, stick...

self destroying sticker seal of the TSA, sticked upon baggage-tags transportation security administration at John Fitzgerald Kennedy airport, NY (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When your at the Airport your experience may or may not be a great one, especially if you are a victim of the enhanced search measures that has been implemented by the TSA, but if you think you have been wronged in some way, it might be useful to have the app FlyRights which will remind you of your rights as well as give you an easy way to file a complaint about your experience, for more check out FlyRights for Android & iOS Devices.

Hipmunk Update adds Calendar Integration For iOS/Android

Hipmunk's mascot

Hipmunk's mascot (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you use the popular service Hipmunk for your Travel and Hotel needs then you’ll be very happy to note that they updated their app today for both the Android/iOS platforms to now integrate with Calendars like Google Calendar or MS Outlook, for more check out Hipmunk.

Get Better Seating on your next Flight using the Service MySeatFinder

Japan Airlines international flight first-clas...

Japan Airlines international flight first-class seat「SUITE」.Equipped with Boeing 777-300ER 日本語: 日本航空国際線ファーストクラス「SUITE]ボーイング777-300ERに搭載 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When you choose a seat for a Flight, you may have thought that it is a permanent decision that can’t be undid even if there are open seats on your flight, well you might have a different experience with your seating experience if you use the service MySeatFinder which will automatically attempt to find you a better seat, for more check out the service MySeatFinder.

Find Hotels deals with Guestmob Service

Hotel Asia

Hotel Asia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you find that your hotel search is diving off the deep end in regards to your budget then you might want to use the service Guestmob which will attempt to find the best hotel deal out there, for more check out the service Guestmob.

Does your flight have Wifi or Live TV, find out with CheapAir

English: This is a homemade Yagui WiFi antenna...

Image via Wikipedia

When it comes to selecting a flight there might be other matters that are important to you like does the flight offer free WiFi, or are there TV‘s for you to watch, well you can find out these types of things the next time your looking for a flight using the service CheapAir.

Use Foursquares and #mom Tag to let People Your HERE


foursquare (Photo credit: cambodia4kidsorg)

If lets say you use the Foursquare service, and you want to let someone know you have arrived or just that your HERE now, you might want to use the #mom tag with your foursquare check in to send an automated message VIA phone call or text to let people know where your at, for more check out #mom.

Get Public Transportation Access In Major Cities with Embark

Using public transport en masseIf your in another City within the US or another major city, and you need to use Public Transportation to get around for a few days, an app like Embark can be very useful in that it will give you access to maps and directions to locations your looking to head to, for more check out Embark for Android & iOS.

Find Out Where you can Go with that 2 hour Layover using Cartoo

Line 761 at layover in Westwood

Image via Wikipedia

If your traveling to somewhere, and on the way you have a layover at some city for a few hours, perhaps you might be in the mood to explore the city, and get in a local site or two, but you of course don’t want to be late for your connecting flight or what have you, so use the service Cartoo to figure out where you can go using various means of travel, for more check out Cartoo.

Liftopia for your iOS Device Gives you Ski Conditions/Lift Tickets

Español: Este es un logo para IOS (Apple). Más...

Image via Wikipedia

When your going to a Ski resort for a vacation, then you’ll probably want to have an app on your iOS device to tell you things like the conditions in the area, and other useful information, and to that end you might want to check out the iOS app Liftopia.

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