RentMix helps you pick a decent Hotel while Traveling

When it comes to finding a decent hotel, you might at times find yourself hard press between getting a nice place to stay and price, but now you can solve this issue by checking out the service RentMix, which will search various databases to find you the best possible deal, at a clean place, for more check out RentMix.

ExpertFlyer Helps you find the seat your looking for on your Next Flight

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You hate to just randomly sit on a flight you perhaps like the view of the window, or hate it, maybe you like to be in specific row, whatever the case may be ExpertFlyer probably will help you out, check out the service ExpertFlyer.

Bing now offers Airport Maps

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If your a fan of the Bing search engine or just interested in getting a detailed map of a airport, then you might want to swing over to and check out there Airport maps, so you know where your going and what the airport has to offer when or before you get there, for more on this Bing feature check out this article HERE.

How to Save a Seat on a Flight

Barf brand laundry and dish soaps

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If you ever wanted to make sure a Seat on a flight isn’t used for whatever reason, you might not have thought about using your Barf bag as a means to hold that spare seat, check out this article that talks about this tactic in more detail, HERE.

Hipmunk finds Flights on your Android Device

Android Market

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If your on the go all the time and you use your mobile to find things, then you’ll be happy to know that Hipmunk know has a Android app for looking up Flights from the service, for more check out the Hipmunk Android App.

How to avoid Baggage fees on your next flight

Excess Baggage #1

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If you travel a decent amount then you might realize that it isn’t that easy to pay for excess baggage especially with the high fees associated with baggage these days, check out this article that has some tips on how to avoid baggage fees, HERE.

Find Cheaper Airfare on International Airline Websites

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If your about to make an airline purchase you might want to check out the airlines international or foreign website for better deals than you would on the american versions of their sites, for more on how this works, check out this article HERE.

Find a Flight with Google Flight

Google Fractal

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Google offers so many services and yet another new service out of the good folks at Google is called Google Flight and you can use the new service to find cheap flights, check out Google Flight for your traveling needs.

Make your Airline Purchases on Tuesday for the Best Deal

Ethiopian Airlines 757-200

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If your planning to make a purchase for a airline flight you may consider waiting until Tuesday afternoon to make that purchase, this might save you a few dollars, for more on why this is true, check out this article HERE.

Track your Flight with Flightaware

Example of a FlightAware flight tracking page

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If your a frequent traveler and you use your mobile to stay up to date with information, then Flightaware might be just the app you’ve been looking for which offers its service on the web as well as on various mobile and desktop operating systems, get your flight status and more with Flightaware.

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