My Blackberry Experience

WIND branded Blackberry Bold 9700

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So I recently left behind my Blackberry 8330 for sprint which was a pretty old device relatively speaking, where as the new Bold and Torch have improved upon the overall capabilities of a Blackberry. I overall like certain things about a blackberry but also feel limited by the device.

One of the things I liked about my Blackberry device was security, of all mobile devices Blackberry is the most secure, and with the mobile market the target of attacks that are growing by the day you can rest a bit easier when doing transactions of a sensitive nature on your blackberry device. Also the BBM network is awesome if you know a lot of fellow blackberry users.

The thing that I most disliked about my blackberry was the applications, and after looking at the 5.0 and 6.0 applications I saw no real applications. Compared to Android and iOS applications, you feel limited by the blackberry and the things you can and can’t do with those applications versus what other smartphones are able to do. Even the windows platforms applications seem more function/feature filled than blackberries applications.

Another plus on the blackberry front is the backup and restore features which does an excellent job in saving your devices data, and also providing a means to restore your device in the event of a crash or migrating from one blackberry device to another.

Overall I think a Blackberry is a solid device, if I were traveling internationally I would rather have a Blackberry than a non-blackberry device, and for that reason I still have my blackberry and ready and willing to switch service over to it when traveling, but for the reason stated above regarding the quality of the applications I could not use this as my day to day device.

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  1. Great post, Your post is an excellent example of why I keep coming back to read your excellent quality commentary.

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