My HTC Evo 4G Experience

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So I have been the owner of a HTC Evo 4G for the sprint network for a few days now and have tons to say about the device just from a few days of usage, and most of it is positive. One of the big draw backs on this device is its price, which is 449USD, but when you factor in a case, screen protector & microSD card your going into the 500 plus zone, but with that said the device is well worth it.

The First thing i would say is that to unlock a Android base device, you really have to be a little be knowledgeable with basic *nix but if you are this is all a piece of cake. For my device I used the Unrevoked 3 program which worked without any errors giving me Root access to my device permanently which is key for the next step in setting up this device.

After gaining root access, I then was able to install a Custom ROM on my phone, which allowed me to get rid of some of the crap stock application sprint and HTC put on the device and replace them with more lean, or better functioning programs that came on the custom rom, also the custom rom has 4G support which is key, because most custom roms lack this because of the changing of the stock rom but in this case this roms maker has 4G working which is great. Overall the Rom installing process is totally easy, just remember to wipe your devices data before attempting to install a custom rom, you can run into a loop error if you don’t. Also backup you device so that you don’t end up bricking the device, meaning your stuck in some loop or the system OS does not load up, once you root your device you just voided your warranty so you cant go back to sprint for help, but once you follow the instructions for rooting/installing custom roms you will be fine.

Next came exploring and installing applications from the market place, which was very easy, I like the android market place versus Itunes for some reason is just seems nicer, freer, and more applications. The applications themselves are great, I have run into one or two programs that act a bit weird but overall the application experience has been great, I have over 90 applications installed and I do not feel overwhelmed which is pretty cool, on the iOS that many applications means pages of applications some of which just seem so many pages out why bother (just a little bias now, the iOS does not seem as appealing :P).

Now here comes the only negative point about the device and that is the battery life, which can vary but for the most part, if you use the device and that means have applications running, using location services or GPS for your applications you will see that the device will lose battery life quickly. Also if you use the 4G network the device will die fast. The solutions to this range from adjusting the screen settings, having the screen lock faster, installing 3rd party applications to manage the device (an option that can give you a hour or two more life out of your device), and the ultimate solution is to go out and by the extended battery for this device which will give you a solid 8 – 12 hours usage without having to charge your device.


Overall I recommend the HTC Evo 4G device because of its amazing speed in terms of internet access as well as processing speed, the applications written for the Android OS are great, the availability of free applications is great, the level of which you can customize the phone in terms of custom roms is amazing, giving you tons of options.  If you want a device you can take totally control over than this is it!

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