HTC Evo:Final Thoughts

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Within the Last month i have finally put down my HTC Evo 4G, replacing it with the Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch. Moving from this device was a bit of a sad event, having come from a Blackberry prior to this device, I found Evo to be a truly useful mobile device, earning the title smartphone with the amount of functions i could make the Evo perform. I also a sadden by the fact that until the porting of Cyanogenmod to my new device, I will be without one of my favorite things about the Evo which was custom roms. Leaving Android 2.3.7 for 2.3.4 on my Epic 4G Touch isn’t that pleasing of an experience. I am going to be updating my Evo to CM9 when it is released, and will use it as a backup in the event something happens to my Main phone. In fact I’m writing this to hopefully inform others that this is a great device, and will not disappoint. For the future, I will create a Post regarding my Experience with my Samsung Galaxy S2 in another month and change (Really waiting to put another ROM on before I post anything). And I will be also creating another Post regarding my experience with the Nook Color (Which I also will being writing about within a 2 month period, as this is how long I suspect it will take me to really take the device to its limits.)

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