My iPod Touch experience


iPod Touch

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I wanted to create this page to talk about my experience with my iTouch Gen 1 16GB device. I bought this device in 11/2007 and have been a fan of the device and its capabilities since purchasing it. There are at least 3 generations above this version I currently use, but because of the fact that the device still works I’ve had not real reason to upgrade and this is where I will begin to explain why although I am a fan i have a love hate relationship with the iTouch & Apple.

So I will start by saying the first generation and even the second generation Touches are pretty good, the concept of adding a speaker is pretty neat, although if you every used this generation you know that it certainly isn’t worth trading in your gen 1 for a gen 2 because of the speaker. The next generation is pretty much the same as the second in terms of functionality so I see no reason to even look at this device. Now comes the real gen 3 which they call gen 4, because gen 4 has a major feature change which is the addition of a camera on your iTouch. But when you think about it, why does a iTouch need a camera? Isn’t that the iPhone really? Like I’ve told a few people over the last few years the iTouch is a great device its, too bad a greedy company like Apple happens to be its creators.

Why do i seem like an apple hater? Well for starters the only reason I got a iTouch was because of the promise “Jailbreaking” holds for the device. Part of the problem with apple is that they feel the need to control everything you do and cant do on their devices. They are a sort of judge and jury as to what you can do with a device you PAID for. How does that work exactly, not really sure and as of today “Jailbreaking” is now a legal option for people that are tired of the lame restrictions placed upon you by the apple app store. That’s my first issue. The second issue is how apple tries to make money by just adding a feature here or there and then pushes a new product down your throat not because it is truly an upgrade to your device but because they just want to make profits for their stockholders. And the reason i feel this way is for example read up on the debut of the “iPhone 4” and how it couldn’t even get a WiFi connection. Think about this, your going to debut a new device to the conference where everyone in the world attends to see Apple’s new products, you would think they would have had a working device, but in their haste to make profits in the 3rd&4th quarters of 2010 the device was pushed out even though it pretty much is defective out of the box. This type of handling of products and Apple’s agenda is the reason why I’ve come to dislike Apple. But with all this said, I do love the iTouch for its capabilities and in the future I will post another installment of “My iTouch experience”  by going into the jailbreaking process and what it can do for you.

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