Jailbreaking iPod Touch Gen 1 from 3.1 to 3.1.3

My hacked (for apps) iPhone & an iPod Touch at...

Image by Steve Rhodes via Flickr

So I recently decided to update my iPod touch after about almost a year. I have kept up with the firmware releases and knew that I stood to gain little by updating my firmware, but there are a few little changes that I have been wanting to see if they make a difference in the general experience with the device. So the first thing that stood out to me when i began the process is that was unlike in the past, jailbreaking was not that straight forward. I tried to begin the process with redsn0w 9.4 then 9.2, and then I had to end up using a program called spiritjb which worked out pretty good. Keep in mind that my device has been permanently broken, I believe VIA the BOOT ROM. I then restored the device in iTunes 10.2 and synced the device, which was a roughly 2 1/2 hour process. The part of the process that really ended up being time consuming apart from finding spiritjb.com, was discovering the process needed to install applications this time around. No longer is appsync a usable option once you go beyond firmware 3.1, the process now involves still using appsync, but you can no longer just add applications to iTunes and start to sync the apps on your device. Now at least the applications I have will not be recognized by iTunes, which now means you have to actually SSH into your device, copy the applications to a location on your device, then install the applications using a program you install from Cydia called Installous. Overall the process seems a bit more involved, more so than it was in the past, which makes it a bit more of a risk. I have been using the device on firmware 3.1.3 for over a week now and I most say for the most part, this version of the iOS seems pretty more stable, more so than version 3.1, but nothing major, in retrospect I probably should have stayed and version 3.1, but what the hell. I will soon post on my experience jailbreaking a iTouch Gen 2 device to firmware 4.1.

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