Move Tabs from one Firefox Windows to the Next using Monitor Master Addon

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If your looking for a easy way to share tabs and links with another instant of Firefox, then you might want to give the addon Monitor Monster a try for Firefox.

Find out Who’s Tracking your on the Web with Collusion Addon for Firefox

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If your interested in actually seeing in Real Time who is following your movements on the web, and you use the Mozilla Firefox web browser then you might want to give the Addon Collusion a try which will show you in Real Time who’s following you on the web, for more check out Collusion for Mozilla Firefox.

Schedule your Gmails for later with Right Inbox for Firefox/Chrome

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If you find that you need to schedule emails to be sent at certain times from a Gmail account then you might want to check out the extension Right Inbox that will help you schedule and send that email at the time you need it sent, for more check out Right Inbox for Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

Google Music Downloader Firefox Extension

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If you are using Google Music and you wanted a way to download your music to your computer, then you might be interested in this Firefox Extension that can make the process a bit more simpler, check out more about Google Music Downloader.

FBSecure can help control how Facebook works

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Perhaps you are a avid user on Facebook but don’t like the idea of Facebook getting too much information about what you do and who you do it with, then maybe you want to check out this Firefox or Chrome extension that can curb the information Facebook’s attempting to get from your session, with FBSecure.

Bring Progress Bars back to Firefox Tabs

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You may or may not have noticed that now at days most web browsers will have this little spinning circle that suppose to indicate that a page is loading but wasn’t it nice to know where you were at with the load time VIA a Progress Bar, well if you miss that and are a user of Firefox, you might want to check out this extension HERE.

F1 Link Posting Firefox Addon

I love to share links, im addicted to sharing information with those people I’m friends with on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks and here is a great Firefox Addon that makes the process easy, posting links to your Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail accounts so everyone in your contact lists can enjoy that link you found today, check out the addon’s homepage HERE.

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