Unblock US only YouTube Content on Firefox & Chrome with ProxTube Extension

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Globe illustration used to identify the Mozilla Firefox browser and other Internet-related software. Español: Ilustración de un globo terraqueo, utilizado para identificar el navegador Mozilla Firefox y otro software relacionado con Internet. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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If you happen to be outside the US, then you might have noticed that YouTube isn’t as open to you as others, because of the nation your in, you might find your options a bit limited, but you can break those boundaries using the extension or add-on ProxTube for Mozilla Firefox or Goggle Chrome, for more check out ProxTube.

Take Control of your Gmail accont using ToutApp

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If your looking for a way to organize your Gmail Contacts and to find out when a email is received then you might want to check out the Firefox or Chrome extension ToutApp which will do these things for you, for more check out ToutApp for Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

HTTPS Everywhere now has Chrome Extensions as well as Firefox

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If you are going to pass information over the web you want to do it securely, and one of the ways to achieve this is to use HTTPS versions of pages instead of the insecure HTTP protocol, and to that end, you might forget from time to time to go to the correct version of the site your trying to access, but you can take the remembering part out using the Firefox and now Chrome extension HTTPS Everywhere.

Get More out of Thunderbird with the Personal Level Indicators Addon

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It might be useful to know if an email sent to you was part of a group of people emailed or if it was a email sent to you alone, this might help you work your inbox better, and to that end you might want to check out this Thunderbird Addon Personal Level Indicator which will place an arrow letting you know if its a group email or email to you alone, for more check out Personal Level Indicator for Mozilla Thunderbird Email Client.

Add Visual Bookmarks to Firefox with Super Start Addon

PicLens Add-on for Firefox!

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When it comes to getting cool Addon‘s for Firefox you might hit the jackpot with the addon Super Start which will give you Visual Bookmarks among other features the Addon has to offer like a To-Do list Tab, for more check out Super Start for Firefox.

Keep a List of your Recent Search items with FindList Addon for Firefox


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If you do a fair amount of searches, then having to type in the same topic or words over and over can get lame, besides isn’t a computer suppose to cut out redundancy, and to that end you might want to check out the Firefox Addon FindList which will keep a drop down box list of your recent search terms so that you don’t have to type them over and over for more check out FindList for Firefox.

Manage your Google Chrome Extensions with Context

For some it might be useful if they created browsing profiles of the extensions they would like to use for a given session, perhaps your looking for things on the web in which case you want to use a set of extensions, but the next time you open the browser you need to download videos, you can create profiles of extensions using the Google Chrome Extension Context.

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Get a Quick View of a Wiki with QuickWiki for Firefox

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If you use Firefox and like to get a glance of a Wiki page before you actually go there, then you might want to check out the Firefox extension QuickWiki.

Get back the old Facebook News Feed with Chrome Addon

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If you hate the way Facebook looks now at days and wish you had the old News Feed that told you whats what on a as it happens bases then you might be interested in check out a Google Chrome extension that can do this for you, for more check out the addon HERE.

Restore Missing Addons in Firefox 7

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If you are a little upset about some of your Addons missing in Firefox 7 then you might be interested in this Addon that will get them back for you, check out this fix HERE until this is fixed by Firefox in a future update.

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