Get a Quick View of a Wiki with QuickWiki for Firefox

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If you use Firefox and like to get a glance of a Wiki page before you actually go there, then you might want to check out the Firefox extension QuickWiki.

Get back the old Facebook News Feed with Chrome Addon

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If you hate the way Facebook looks now at days and wish you had the old News Feed that told you whats what on a as it happens bases then you might be interested in check out a Google Chrome extension that can do this for you, for more check out the addon HERE.

Restore Missing Addons in Firefox 7

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If you are a little upset about some of your Addons missing in Firefox 7 then you might be interested in this Addon that will get them back for you, check out this fix HERE until this is fixed by Firefox in a future update.

Firefox 7 Add-on Bug

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If you have just upgraded to the new Firefox 7 then you might have noticed some of your Add-ons didn’t make the trip to this version of Firefox or so you think, but they might still be there just a bit lost, for more on the bug with Firefox 7 and Add-ons check out this article HERE.

Are your Browser tabs consuming Too much Memory?

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If you find that you browse the web with more than a few tabs open you may have noticed browsers like Firefox and Chrome tend to slow down because of the memory used to keep all of your tabs open, check out these extensions that can help you out by clearing some of the memory those tabs use, Firefox Extension HERE & Chrome Extension HERE.

Wallflower Speeds up Firefox by blocking Social Sharing

Social Networking

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If you don’t really share a lot of the things you do online with your social network friends, then you can improve your browsing experience if you disabled those buttons turning up on pages that you visit, check out more about the WallFlower Firefox Extension.

Secure Browsing to over 1000 Sites with HTTPS Everywhere

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If you have been using HTTPS Everywhere beta then you will be glad to know that the popular security Firefox extension is coming out of Beta, now supporting over 1000 sites, for secure HTTPS browsing, check out more about this extension, HERE.

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