Firefox Aurora 14 Changes the way Plugins work and More!

This is a icon for Firefox Web Browser.

This is a icon for Firefox Web Browser. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If your a user of the web browser Mozilla Firefox, and haven’t seen anything that’s going on in the Aurora channel, you’ll be happy to note that in a upcoming update to Firefox, you’ll see an improved location bar, small UI improvements, a new Click-to-Play plugin system, among other changes, for more of whats happening on the Aurora Channel of Firefox, check out this article HERE.

Hack Chrome/Firefox to do Time Frame Searches in Address Bar

¿Cómo mejorar el rendimiento de mi explorador?If you do all types of odd ball searches, and time constraints are one of the type of tools you use in your searches then you might want to check out this hack you can perform to Chrome or Firefox that will allow you to do these searches right from your address bar, for more check out this article HERE.

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