Get your Gmail Contacts Automatically updated based on Signature using WriteThat.Name

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Wouldn’t it be cool if you could use the Signature information at the end of an Email to potentially update your contacts information in the event that its changed, or perhaps enter some new information you didn’t have about your contact before, well you can get this type of functionality using the service WriteThat.Name.

Collect your Friends Address Info using Postable Service

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If you need your friends addresses, you might want to go on Facebook and ask for it, or check there information, or perhaps send an email out, and then transfer that information to your address book, but perhaps you can make the process a bit more simpler and up to the times with the use of the service Postable, which allows you to create an account, email a link to your friends for their information, then later you can export the information from the service to other contact lists, like outlook, etc, for more check out the service Postable.

Get Rid of Intrusive apps with AdiOS for your iOS device

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If you find that the idea of an app going into your address book and using that information some how bothers you, and if it doesn’t you need to get your head checked, then you might want to check out the program AdiOS which will let you know which apps on your iOS device is behaving this way and have it remove the apps for you, for more check out Adios for iOS.

Try Smartr Contacts as an Alternative Address Book for your iPhone

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If you don’t like the stock address book or contacts app that is part of your iOS device then you might want to try the alternative program Smartr Contacts for your iOS device. The program offers integration with your Facebook and Twitter accounts among other features.


Manage your Mac OS X Contacts with Cobook

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Although your Mac OS X has a contacts app that you could use, it isn’t that feature rich, and you might find it lacking in this day and age where we have friends all over the place, some being via phone others on social networks, and its always nice to have everything in once place, and you can get that type of control over your contacts using the beta program for Mac OS X called Cobook.

Get rid of Duplicate Outlook & Gmail Contacts

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You hate to look at your address book because it has 20 of the same person, and multiple entries for a single contact, wish there was a way to clean all this up, well there is, check out this web service that will do up to 250 contacts for free, check the service out HERE.

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