Don’t Blame Alcohol for your Behavior

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If you have in the best made a fool of yourself by the way you act when your drunk, and figured it was the Alcohol that caused you to be that way, well you might have to reconsider that notion, as studies are now showing that Alcohol will only change your ability to recognize the consequences of your actions, but don’t influence your actions themselves, for more check out this article HERE.

Get Drunk not Fat

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Check out this article that has the details on your drinks and how it may make you fat as well as drunk, and this article may also lead you to a way to get drunk without getting fat, which I suppose is a great thing, check out the article for more details HERE.

Alcohol Toll on the body!


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You feel like a new person after a few drinks, slowly the person you are in the daytime fades away the alcohol kicks in and BAM, your dumbass you the version everyone laughs at, and people rob when you go home, and end up starting fights…. Maybe this isn’t you per say, but I bet a part of you does change, check this article out on the effects of Alcohol on the body!

Misunderstanding of Drugs, Alcohol in Specific

Various prescription and street drugs may caus...

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I had a conversation or two over the years about the way drugs are approached in the united states and pretty much the majority of the worlds governments. As I have felt for a long time now, certain drugs are far more dangerous than others, but the way in which the government grades them reflects a hidden agenda. Not many people know this but alcohol is technically a drug, just like cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy and so on, yet it isn’t illegal, in fact alcohol will kill you faster than all of the previously mentioned drugs. Wonder why we would let something that is clearly ruining people’s lives, beyond even health, because all drugs have a effect on society, and behaviors exhibited based on the use of these substances. Check this article that takes a deeper look at drugs and there effect on humans and society.

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