Mount your Amazon Cloud Drive in Windows

The integrated media player in Windows Explore...

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So your using Amazon‘s new Cloud Drive service to store your MP3’s and you would love if you could have the drive appear in Windows Explorer for example to copy some tracks to your local machine, or perhaps some other reason why you need access to the drive, well check out this article on how to do that HERE.

Using Amazon Cloud Music Player on your iOS Device

iPad wordmark.

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So sad that people pretty  much by iPod devices like the touch or worse the iPad or Iphone, Apple has a nasty habit of not allowing competing Applications to be placed in the apple store until legal actions is taken, meaning we are slaves to Apple the minute we give them our money, well I say this because it will be awhile till you will find a Native application to access the Amazon Cloud service, until then, check out this workaround, HERE.

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