Gain Access to Location restricted Market apps using Market Unlocker for Android

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Although Android markets are not as tightly locked down like other Mobile Market places, you still are restricted in regards to location of your mobile network and the apps you have access to in the market based on your location, but you can free yourself of this burden, using the Android program Market Unlocker, do note you have to be Rooted in order to make use of the program.

PDroid Privacy Protection helps Curbs Apps Sending your Data To Others


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When it comes to your phone sending publishers and others your personal data you might want to have your say in this process, and now you can with the app PDroid Privacy Protection.

For Next Few Days Grab 10 Popular Android Apps for 10 Cents

Android Market

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Google is celebrating its 10 billion App Downloads milestone by selling some of its most popular software for 10 Cents which is an amazing deal, so you might benefit from check out what they have to offer over the next few days in the Android Market, for more check out this official post HERE.

Facebook for Android Updates with Tweaks to UI, Speed Increase

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The Facebook App for Android has gone through a few major changes along the way, but this update is more about some minor changes to the Android app in the way that it notifies you, and the speed of the app has been increased, for more check out Facebook for Android.

Getting Android Apps on your Kindle Fire

Amazon Prime Television Series - Kindle Fire

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If you have been wondering if there is a way to install Android Apps on your Kindle Fire, then you’ll need to check out this article that has the steps you need in order to do this, which will require a few programs at the version least, for more on the process and how it works check out this article HERE.

Hipmunk finds Flights on your Android Device

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If your on the go all the time and you use your mobile to find things, then you’ll be happy to know that Hipmunk know has a Android app for looking up Flights from the service, for more check out the Hipmunk Android App.

Onavo manages your Data Usage Per App for Android

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If your wondering how much data you are using, and which apps are data hogs, then you need to check out this great program for android called Onavo that will be able to put all your data usage stats in front of your face, check out Onavo.

Google Docs Update 8/24/11

Google Docs

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Today Google Docs has been updated for Android Devices to now allow for web clipboard and opening of google docs with other Office suites, check out the new version of Google Docs for Android.

Control your DSLR from your Android Device

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You might have known that it is possible to control some DSLR from the iOS but now you can control Canon DSLR cameras from your Android Device, check out this application that can get this done for you, HERE.

Control your Android Headphone Volume with Hearing Saver

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You probably go back and forth with changing the volume on your Android Device if you use it to listen to music, and it can be a bit annoying to have to do that, wouldn’t it be cool if your phone could adjust the volume automatically when you plug the headphones in the jack, well maybe it can with Hearing Saver.

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