RentSavvy Helps you find a Place in the Right Neighborhood for you

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If your looking for a new place to move to, it may not always be that easy to find, but you can use the service RentSavvy to help you find the right place in the right neighborhood for you, check out the service RentSavvy.

Get your Security Back for an Apartment with a Form

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If your about to rent a new apartment and your wary of putting down the Security deposit don’t worry that much by protecting yourself and draft and “Rental walk through condition form” which protects your security deposit being taken because the landlord doesn’t agree with the condition you left the apartment in, for more on this form, check out this article HERE.

Customize your Apartment without the Landlord Getting Mad

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You hate the way your place looks and have some great ideas on how to make it really slick and unique but you don’t want to landlord to freak out when he see’s how you have changed the place, check out this great article regarding how to make those customization without the landlord going crazy, HERE.

Rent Calculator

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So your renting a apartment with a few people and need to figure out what a fair amount of money that everyone should come up with, check out this neat calculator to help you with your rental task HERE.

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