Gain Access to Location restricted Market apps using Market Unlocker for Android

English: Android Market on Samsung Galaxy S.

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Although Android markets are not as tightly locked down like other Mobile Market places, you still are restricted in regards to location of your mobile network and the apps you have access to in the market based on your location, but you can free yourself of this burden, using the Android program Market Unlocker, do note you have to be Rooted in order to make use of the program.

Gmail App for iPhone

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If you feel that you have been deprived for all this time on your iPhone because the platform lacked a native Gmail app your woes have been answered today, because Google has officially released a Gmail app for the iOS platform, although at the moment it has been pulled due to a bug, look for it shortly to shortly returned to the iTunes App Store, for more check out Gmail for iPhone.

An Alarm clock that Embarrasses you

Alarm Call

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If you need an Alarm solution that will get your springing out of your bed in the morning, then you might want to consider OKITE which will hurl foul Tweets at your followers in the event you hit snooze, not sure what this even means regarding you waking up, check out the apps homepage for more, HERE.

The New Movie & eBook Friendly Android Market Place

Android Market

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So you loved what you used to see when you went to your Android Market, well you might love it now, that you can make Movie and eBook purchases along with the Application and Game purchases that were already available, check out more about the change to the Android Market, HERE.

How to crack or prevent cracking of Mac Applications

Apple marketed its operating system software a...

This is an amazing article that talks about the security issues associated with Mac Applications, how they can be cracked and how to prevent your applications from being cracked, check the article out HERE.

Stream from one iOS device to another

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So you use airplay but it won’t let you stream your iPad data to your iPhone, well check out Airview for that, HERE.

Google Voice For the iPhone

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So after Apple tried to block their users for over a year with their BS Store Policy dance you can officially get yourself setup using a Google Voice app available from the App store Today, check it out HERE.

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