Around Sound for Android Turns down your Music for you

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It would be useful if your phone automatically lowered the volume of the music to a preset level when lets say it hears a certain amount of noise around you, perhaps a person talking to you, and this is where Around Sound for Android will come in useful, using your phones Microphone it will listen for noise and when it detects noise at a certain level, it will lower the music, for more check out Around Sound for Android.


Read a Website Later with WebOffline for your Jailbroken iOS device

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If your looking for a solution for looking at websites while your offline on your Jailbroken iOS device, then you might want to take a look at the program WebOffline which will allow you to do just that, download a website for viewing offline, for more check out WebOffline for Jailbroken iOS devices.

PDroid Privacy Protection helps Curbs Apps Sending your Data To Others


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When it comes to your phone sending publishers and others your personal data you might want to have your say in this process, and now you can with the app PDroid Privacy Protection.

NightStand Central is a Alarm Clock App for iOS

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Alarm Clock Apps come a dime a dozen it would seem, but a good Alarm Clock app may prove to be more elusive, but the search is over perhaps for you, check out the iOS app NightStand Central for your Alarm Clock needs on your iOS device, for more check out NightStand Central.

App Reviews From Apps & Oranges Service

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If your always looking for new software and you don’t know where you can search for reliable reviews for an application, then you might be interested in this new service called Apps & Oranges, that provide app reviews by its user base, check out more about the service, Apps & Oranges.

Lock & Unlock App on your Android Device with your Face?

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Maybe you have wondered if there is a way to put a lock on specific application on your android device, like maybe your Social Network Apps, or Settings, whatever the case might be for you to lock an app on your Android Device, check out this application that can lock it for you and unlock the app using Face Reconigition, check out more about the app HERE.

Android Security:Malware in Android Market Apps

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As I have said in a previous post, you need to secure smartphones like the android against Malware attacks and other forms of attack by installing some sort of software, in and android OS case, you have two free options, Lookout and AVG, which will protect you from fraudulent software, check out this article if you need more reason why to protect your device, HERE.

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