Take Certain Android Apps for a Test spin VIA Amazon Appstore’s Test Drive Beta Feature

Amazon Appstore

Amazon Appstore (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Amazon Appstore has begun to test a new feature of the store, call Test Drive, which will allow you to use an app for a trial period, then you can go ahead an purchase the app or not, which is an amazing gift to many android users, that find that sometimes Apps aren’t what they say they are, or your device just doesn’t play nice with certain apps, either way if the feature is available for your device you might want to check it out before your next app purchase, for more check out the Amazon Appstore.

iOS devices finally get a App Store App

Image representing Apple as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

If you have been wondering when you would be able to make purchases from a App store app on your iOS device, then the wait is over because Apple has recently released a App Store for various iOS devices, for more check out this link HERE.

Improve your Mac Store Experience with Appalicious

Mac App Store

Image by Rob Boudon via Flickr

If you find that the Mac Store isn’t always the best way to navigate to find a app your looking for, then maybe you should try out the front end call Appalicious that will offer the things the Mac Store has left out, like filtering of apps, for more check out Appalicious.

Place Free calls on iOS & Android with Viber

Image representing Android as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

Check out this pretty useful application that allow you to make phone calls to other Viber users VIA WIFI or 3G, which can end up saving you some cash at the end of the month, check out more about the Android application HERE.

Locate a M.I.A. iPhone/iOS Application?

Network applications: Enterprise engineering i...

Image via Wikipedia

Here is a neat trick to use when you can seem to locate that application you have among the 20k or so applications you probably discovered since having your iOS device. Check out this great article that will have you locating you applications in no time, check it out HERE.

Speed Dial for your iPhone?


Image via Wikipedia

So you have longed to place a few Speed Dial icons on your iPhone home screen area, but never found out how exactly can you do this, or even if its possible, stop thinking about how it works and check out how these folks setup Speed Dial Icons on their iPhone, HERE.

Nosedial forget dailing with fingers, use your Nose?


Image via Wikipedia

This is a crazy application that out for the iOS that allows you to use your nose to dial a number how ever that is suppose to work, need to see that I am telling the truth check the application out HERE.

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