AllSongsBy finds all the Songs by X Artist

The artist and poet William Blake, who lived i...

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When your looking for all the songs made by a Artist, it sometimes isn’t that easy to find such a listing, even on an artist website they may or may not have a listing of their works but you can beat this problem with the service, AllSongsBy.

Build a 35mm Depth of Field Adapter for your Camera

DIY projektor by Trinom

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Perhaps your into the entire Film / Video field and your always looking for ways to get types of effects well then you might want to check out this DIY project for creating your own Depth of Field Adapter, HERE.

Finding Concerts in your Area

Classical Spectacular used ordinary stage ligh...

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Your looking to hit up a concert of a music group or artist you like but not sure where exactly to look for the information, well check out this great Web Resource that will show you concerts in your area on a map, HERE.

Lifehacker Photography Hacks


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Check out this great article by the people at Lifehacker on 10 different photography hacks for you to try next time you break on the camera and feel creative, check the post out HERE.

Remove unwanted noise from your Audio

The Real (The Boondocks)

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So you have a new audio recording from your secret mission and you need to clean the audio up before giving it to the head agent, check out this article that talks about how to clean up your audio recordings of unwanted noise, well maybe you dont have to be a secret agent to read the article HERE.

Setting up Dolby Sound the Correct Way

Dolby Surround

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Found this great resource and had to share it, this site will ask for a little bit of information regarding your Dolby Sound Systems stats, and it will the give you a diagram of how you should layout your Sound System/ Home Entertainment to maximize the sound, check the site out HERE.

Music Related Projects

"College Life" sheet music cover, 1905

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This top ten listing of Music projects has some pretty cool tips on creating or taking old stuff and putting a new spin on it. Check this article out to upgrade your music experience.

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