Learn more about Photos from other good Photos EXIF Data

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You may be interested in improving your photography skills or learning why good photos are just that good, Well examining those photos you consider good EXIF data you can learn about what made that photo good from a technical stand point which can improve your photos down the line, check more about this topic, HERE.

Writing can help learning more so than Typing

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So when I was in class for the last 2 years I have only typed notes for several different reason and for me this works great, but for others I have heard they learn better by actually writing their notes out, the act of writing has a different affect on the way you remember the material perhaps, check this article out on the topic to see whats right for you HERE.

When To Work For Free

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So you wonder when is it okay to work for free? Well find out the answer after checking out this guide on the subject, HERE.

Top Rated Photography Tips


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Lifehacker has rounded up their top 10 photographic tips, spice up those pics, alter them to look crazy, or whatever your fancy is I’m sure this article has something for you, check it out HERE.

Camera Tricks & Tips

Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker, now a Cold W...

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Another Great article by Lifehackers talking about ways we can hack / enhance our photo taking abilities. You would be suprised what you can do with your camera that isn’t discussed in the manual, check the article out HERE.

November is National Novel Writing Month NaNoWriMo

The Best Science Fiction Stories and Novels: N...

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I never knew we had a national month dedicated to Novel Writing but this sounds good, the idea is to encourage people to write a 50,000 word or 175 page novel this month. Check the website out here if your interested in penning the next best selling novel!

Music Related Projects

"College Life" sheet music cover, 1905

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This top ten listing of Music projects has some pretty cool tips on creating or taking old stuff and putting a new spin on it. Check this article out to upgrade your music experience.

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