Convert Audio & Video effortlessly using iConvert for Mac OS

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Español: Este es un logo para IOS (Apple). Más detalles: Logo para Apple inc's iOS (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You usually can’t use a Audio or Video file on your iOS device unless it is already in the proper format, or you use some type of conversation program to get it into an iOS friendly format, and if this is an issue you run into often on your Mac OS Desktop then you might want to consider trying the program iConvert out which offers to convert those A/V files so that their ready for your iOS device, for more check out iConvert.

Control your Android Headphone Volume with Hearing Saver

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You probably go back and forth with changing the volume on your Android Device if you use it to listen to music, and it can be a bit annoying to have to do that, wouldn’t it be cool if your phone could adjust the volume automatically when you plug the headphones in the jack, well maybe it can with Hearing Saver.

Remove unwanted noise from your Audio

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So you have a new audio recording from your secret mission and you need to clean the audio up before giving it to the head agent, check out this article that talks about how to clean up your audio recordings of unwanted noise, well maybe you dont have to be a secret agent to read the article HERE.

Setting up Dolby Sound the Correct Way

Dolby Surround

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Found this great resource and had to share it, this site will ask for a little bit of information regarding your Dolby Sound Systems stats, and it will the give you a diagram of how you should layout your Sound System/ Home Entertainment to maximize the sound, check the site out HERE.

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