Get a Quota on a New Car price with TrueCar

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If your in the market to purchase a new car and want to know the ideal price you should be paying for the car then you might want to consult the service TrueCar which will give you a price that you should be paying for the car so you don’t get beat, for more check out the service TrueCar.

Compare the Cost of a Visit to Auto Shop or Do It Yourself

When you have a Vehicle it can become costly to run to a Auto shop everytime something goes wrong on the vehicle, but you don’t want to run for every little thing because that can become costly, so to that end you might want to check out AutoMD

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which will compare the price of a auto shop visit versus you breaking out your tools and getting the job done yourself, for more check out AutoMD.

Resolve your Automobile Issues with AutoMD

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If your not a mechanic and have no clue whats wrong when your car dies on you then you might hate to go to the shop to fix the car because you have no idea if your being ripped off, well perhaps you can see an end to that problem by using the service, AutoMD.

Sell your Used Car now, Don’t Buy Them

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Right now is a great time to sell a Used Car and get some cash if that was your intentions for a while, as opposed to purchasing one now that might run you more than it’s actually worth, check out this article that explains why this is, HERE.

Options to Skip at Car Dealerships

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When your about to make a new car or used car purchase from a Car dealership they might want to sell you all types of exotic packages, some of which you need others which are useless, check out this article that has a few general rules as to which of these options you should pick up and others to avoid, HERE.

Open the Garage & Start the car with your Cellphones Bluetooth

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You want to feel like your a Jetson, Well all you need to do is look cool by embarking on a DIY project where you will be able to Open the Garage and start the car with a few touches of your phone, check out this article that details to process, HERE.

Research before making that Car Purchase

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It might be very wise before you jump head first into a car purchase to do some research on the car, and the prices out on the open market, before locking into a purchase, you might thank yourself in the long run for saving at least money, perhaps even headaches, check out this article for more on this perspective HERE.

Avoid Hidden Fees with a New Car Purchase

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Your ready to buy your first new car, but you heard the price and are wondering what the hell is going on, well check out this article that talks about the hidden fees of buying a new car, HERE.

Take a magnet to your next Used Car purchase?

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So your in the market for a used car but don’t want to be suckered in by some con-artist that has his eyes set on selling you a lemon. Check out this article with a neat tip on how to detect rust and replaced panels on a car with a refrigerator magnet, check out the article for more details, HERE.

Upgrade your Car!

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So your want to give your car a few tweaks here and there, check out this great lifehacker article that talks about some great car hacks you can do over a weekend, HERE.

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