Back Up your Gmail account using Gmvault for Windows, Mac & Linux

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We all need to back up our email at some point, and if your using Gmail for your Email services, then you might want to consider using the program Gmvault to back up your Gmail account so that you don’t lose those important emails you have stored, for more check out Gmvault for Windows, Linux or Mac.

Backup your Mac OS using CrashPlan


CrashPlan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Perhaps you heard of the service Crashplan that will help you backup your Windows files, but you may not have known that there is a version of the software for your Mac and even Linux desktops, for more check out CrashPlan.

Backify Offers 512GB of Free Space for your Backups

Is Backify (512GB backup for free) also for real?

Image by Peter Forret via Flickr

If your looking for an Online service to backup your computers data to, then you might want to strongly consider the service Backify which is offering 512GB just to sign up to the service, for more check out the Backify Homepage.

Backup your Evernotes with Evernote Exporter

This is icon for social networking website. Th...

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If you are a user of Evernote and you have tons of notes on the service that you would just die if they were lost, then you should take out some insurance on those notes by backing them up, and for that you might want to check out the program Evernote Exporter.

Crashplan Restores your Mobile Backups on the Fly

Image representing CrashPlan as depicted in Cr...

Image via CrunchBase

If your afraid of losing your data and want a backup solution that will backup your files and also offer to restore them on your device on the go then you need to check out the service offered by CrashPlan for iOS and Android Devices.

Backup your iOS device with PKGbackup

The iOS home screen.

Image via Wikipedia

If your looking for a solution to backup your iOS device then you may want to check out the program PKGbackup.

Clone your Windows Drive with DriveImage XML

The Windows family tree.

Image via Wikipedia

If you need some software for perform a disk image of your Windows machine then you might want to take a look at the program DriveImage XML which is for the amazing price of free, and supports most modern versions of Windows, check out DriveImage XML.

A Windows Backup Utility

A PowerLoader tape backup from Overland Storage

Image via Wikipedia

So you want to start to backup your files but have no clue on how to do it, it sounds complex, but it really isn’t, check out this cool program that you can use with windows that will get you on your way to backup your data today, check the homepage HERE.

Today is WorldBackUp day, Here is a Backup Guide!


Image via Wikipedia

The great folks over at Lifehacker have put together a great article on how to setup a backup system at home, or perhaps another small network, It is a must read for people that have more than 1 file they want on their computers, check the article out HERE, and Happy Backup Day!

Backup Jailbroken Applications on the iOS

A screenshot of the Spirit Jailbreak Tool on M...

Image via Wikipedia

So you jailbroken you device, and you want to backup before lets say a new jailbreak to another iOS, check out this article that details the backing up process of jailbroken applications on your iOS device, HERE.


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