Don’t know what type of Liquor to Drink, find help with Drinkify


If your not exactly sure what drink you and the boys will be slipping on tonight, and you need some help, you might want to give the service Drinkify a try, it might help you better pass your time, or at least lose your sense of time all together after a few drinks, check out the service Drinkify.

Make your Own Seltzer Machine for Bubbled Drinks at Home

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Your have a thing for Seltzer water, or just the bubbly feeling you get when you drink that type of water and wished you could bring that bubbly feeling to all your drinks, well maybe you can with your own Seltzer machine, check out the details for building one, HERE.

Chill Liqour without Ice

A drink called "Sex on the Beach", v...

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You hate how the Ice that you add to your drink dilutes its potency to a point, and you wish that you could both enjoy a chilled drink while still getting the full kick out of the drink, well check out this article that has a solution to this problem, HERE.

Cold water Makes for better Tea!

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It may sound odd, but using cold water to make your tea might actually lead to that tea tasting better, cooling down the kitchen among other things, check out more about using cold water to brew your tea, HERE.

Get all the Juice out of your Lemons!

The rind of a lemon is exceptionally bitter, w...

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Your about to squeeze some lemons for lemonade but you always find that you can’t get all of the juice out, perhaps your technique is not right, maybe rolling and squeezing the lemon before cutting it is the way to go, check out this article that talks about this technique and its benefits, HERE.

Get Fresh Coffee from CSA

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Check out this neat way to get Fresh Coffee from the farmers at your doorstep by joining the CSA, for more information on what this is all about check out this article HERE.

Perfecting the Ice used in your Cocktails Matters

"Flaming" cocktails contain a small ...

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Believe it or not the size of the Ice you use in your cocktail effects the way the drink will feel, sounds crazy, check out this article that talks about the issue and gives a solution to the problem too, HERE.

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