iTransmission 2 is a Bittorrent Solution for Jailbroken iOS5 devices

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When it comes to Bittorrents a your iOS device, well that’s pretty much a dead zone, if you had a iOS jailbroken device you might have learned of the wonders of iTransmission but that also stopped working on iOS5 until recently when iTransmission 2 was released for jailbroken iOS5 device, so if you haven’t get your Bittorrent on with iTransmission 2 for jailbroken iOS5 devices.

Bittorent Downloads are Being Tracked by You Have Downloaded

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Bittorents usually are thought of a means of downloading without being directly tracked but that has changed with the service You Have Downloaded which has started to keep track of public tracker downloads, and can look up what you have been downloading, for more check out You Have Downloaded.

Deluge is a Bittorrent Client for Linux

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If your rocking a Linux desktop and wondering about a Bittorrent client to use for your Torrent needs then you might consider giving the program Deluge a try for Linux, check out Deluge.

See Which ISP slow your Torrents the Most

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If you didn’t know ISP have for awhile been slowing down Torrent traffic on there networks in an effort to reduce the bandwidth usage of there networks, but this practice can seriously hurt consumers, especially if you use torrents, check out this article that documents various ISP’s policies regarding Torrents on there networks HERE.

Stable Version of uTorrent for Mac’s Released

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If you haven’t heard already there is a Stable version of the popular Bittorrent client uTorrent available for the Mac OS, make sure you give it a try, it is a great program for windows, should prove to be the same for Mac, for more check out uTorrent for Mac.

Streaming Media with Vuze

Image representing Vuze as depicted in CrunchBase

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If your a fan of the bittorrent client Vuze then you might be interested in a new feature added to the program that will allow you to stream media to your TV or other devices, check out this site for more details, HERE.

Protect your Privacy while Downloading BitTorrents

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You hate the fact that BitTorrents your favorite means to share files is always monitored by a bunch of creeps wanting to know what you do and when you do it, check out this blocklist website, HERE.

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