Find a Book by Asking Questions @ Mind The Book

A book with a check mark drawn on it.

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Perhaps your interested in reading a new book but don’t know exactly which title you want to get, well then all you really need to do is check out this pretty cool service that will allow you to find a new book by simply asking a question, check out this services homepage, Mind The Book.

Create your own Book Safe

A hollowed out book, with bottle caps for scale.

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You seen those movies that have a book on a bookshelf really double as a secret stash of sorts, wouldn’t it be cool to create one of your own? Well check out this video that will give you the skills you need to create your own book safe, HERE.

College Textbooks Online Retailers


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Well if your like me you walk into the campus book store and want to run out, matter a fact you realize you totally got life wrong you should have taken the major that would lead up to opening a college bookstore on some campus out there and just charge 10x what the books cost you! Well beat all that crap out by checkout some of these online retailers of college books to see where you might be able to save a few bucks:











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