Manage Your Google Chrome Bookmarks with Bookmark Sentry

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If you feel that at times your Google Chrome‘s bookmarks are out of control and your looking for an extension that can help you manage your Bookmarks, weed out the dead links and more then you might want to give the Chrome extension Bookmark Sentry a try.

Get all your Mac’s Bookmarks into Evernote with Booknote Importer

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A screenshot of the Origyn Web Browser(OWB) running on Morph OS showing bookmarks. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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If you collect tons of bookmarks and don’t want to lose them, or have them accessible from anywhere, then you might consider exporting them to Evernote, and you can do this with easy on your Mac Desktop using the program Booknote Importer.

Relaunch of the Bookmarking service Delicious

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If you used Delicious in the past to store your links and other goodies you can across on the web, then you might want to revisit the service that has a new look and mission, for more check out the new Delicious.

Share Bookmarks and Images with Pleeq

Bookmarks made of strings. Spin.

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If your into keep Bookmarks to important sites you come across that you like to review later for reference, or images that you find amazing that you don’t want to lose track of, then you may be interested in the service Pleeq that can store all of this for you, for more check out the service Pleeq.

Delicious Shutting Down, Save Your Links!

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I have been using this service for years, was one of the more popular ones among sites that offered this type of bookmark management services but unforunately it would appear the people over at Yahoo no longer find the service profitable i would imagine it the reason why it is being shut down, well check this article out with set you can take to export your links out before the the final curtain call on Delicious, check the article out HERE.

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