Don’t Blame Alcohol for your Behavior

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If you have in the best made a fool of yourself by the way you act when your drunk, and figured it was the Alcohol that caused you to be that way, well you might have to reconsider that notion, as studies are now showing that Alcohol will only change your ability to recognize the consequences of your actions, but don’t influence your actions themselves, for more check out this article HERE.

Yawning isn’t for signally you might be Tired

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Did you know that the act of Yawning is associated with cooling off of the brain and it also keep you alert to your surroundings, this might sound very weird but check out this article that talks more about this HERE.

Increase your Will Power

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Your always looking for ways to push your brain to new limits and another way to do that is to increase your brains will power with a few simple memory exercises, for more details on how this all works, check out this article HERE.

Doing things the Hard way can make you Smarter

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You figure the easy way to do things is the way to go, but you might be wrong because there is no challenge there which does not exercise or mind, making us dull to a degree, sharpen up your mind by challenging yourself, check out this article that explains why this works, HERE.

Another Reason Why Walking is Healthy

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Did you know that you can Increase your Brain size as well as Memory by walking, sounds odd, what does that have to do with your Brain and Memory, well if you want to know more about the connection, check out this article HERE.

Exercise Your brain with This Application

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Instead of living on Facebook or some other type of waste of time, you might want to check out this application that can improve your memory and brain, check out the applications homepage HERE.


Harder to Remember as Time Goes By

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You seem to lose a little bit of memory as the years go by, you just can’t recall event’s like you used to 10 years ago, well this isn’t something that is wrong with you but perhaps this is all by design, check out this article that talks about memory loss as you age, HERE.

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