2SendTab allows you to share Tabs between your Desktop Browser and Android Device

Firefox Sync

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When it comes to sending a tab from your desktop browser to your Android browser you might not have that many options, especially with Mozilla Firefox Sync feature broken, but if you want to still have this ability and not be limited by device or browser then you might want to consider the Android app, 2SendTab.

Sheepish for Google Chrome Stops Websites from Tracking You

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You probably heard that Websites track your every move and click, and you have always dreamed of a way to stop websites you go to from tracking your movements, and now you can by using the Google Chrome extension Sheepish.

Hack Chrome/Firefox to do Time Frame Searches in Address Bar

¿Cómo mejorar el rendimiento de mi explorador?If you do all types of odd ball searches, and time constraints are one of the type of tools you use in your searches then you might want to check out this hack you can perform to Chrome or Firefox that will allow you to do these searches right from your address bar, for more check out this article HERE.

Get Free Trials to Premium Services for Downloading IE9

Internet Explorer 9

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If you haven’t tried out Internet Explorer 9, then now might not be a bad time to give it a try considering the free trial giveaways being offered as part of the download, for more on what this deal is all about, check out this link HERE, while it lasts.

Get a Quick View of a Wiki with QuickWiki for Firefox

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If you use Firefox and like to get a glance of a Wiki page before you actually go there, then you might want to check out the Firefox extension QuickWiki.

Bring Progress Bars back to Firefox Tabs

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You may or may not have noticed that now at days most web browsers will have this little spinning circle that suppose to indicate that a page is loading but wasn’t it nice to know where you were at with the load time VIA a Progress Bar, well if you miss that and are a user of Firefox, you might want to check out this extension HERE.

Lifehacker’s Guide to Using Google Chrome

Google Chrome Icon

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Your a big fan of Google Chrome but you still have yet to unlock the full potential of the browser because you lack the knowledge, well that shouldn’t be an issue after check out this great guide, HERE.

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